Soon You Can Create Facebook Ads Using WhatsApp Business Tools – April 2021 Update

Soon You Can Create Facebook Ads Using WhatsApp Business Tools - April 2021 Update

Facebook is working hard to make WhatsApp an integrated platform for business transactions and personal use.

Furthermore, the company also aims to provide more advertising opportunities for brands on WhatsApp to draw attention to message-based connection options.

However, displaying ads on WhatsApp is not a friendly option, as it turns out that advertising on direct messaging forums is ineffective.

WhatsApp status is not a good option either.

Additionally, Facebook is developing a new WhatsApp business feature to help them use WhatsApp business tools to create Facebook ads and then reconnect to their WhatsApp profile, so they can take advantage of the common benefits of the two platforms.

Obviously, for a long time, brands have been willing to create Facebook ads and then connect the ads to their WhatsApp.

All they have to do is do it through Facebook’s ad manager.

This new method of creating Facebook ads will have the same functionality in WhatsApp.

This seems like a big step towards platform promotion tools.

How It Will Work?

According to CNN, the program will rely on the WhatsApp Business collection to collect product details from Facebook ads.

The company said it will allow business owners to easily convert products from its catalog into Facebook or Instagram ads, directing viewers to their WhatsApp account with just one click.

Basically, this gives the company new opportunities for two-way promotions on WhatsApp, but its value will be limited because it depends on the number of viewers in the target audience using these two applications.

This concern will not cause problems in western countries due to the large number of people using both applications at the same time.

Suppose that WhatsApp is said to have around 70 million users in the United States, while Facebook has more than 200 million users, so the overlap between the two will be large.

In India, for example, the situation is almost the same, because WhatsApp is much more successful than Facebook, which has 320 million.

Ideally, Facebook would rather use its innovative business tools to build on the success of WhatsApp in India, but this new cross-promotion method may not be the best.

However, this is another promotion method that can help attract more people to your WhatsApp profile.

Fortunately, if the target audience uses these two apps at the same time, then this may be a good time to start the WhatsApp business process, which will become a more important consideration as the app’s e-commerce capabilities improve.

According to Facebook, most businesses now have access to clicks on WhatsApp ads on Facebook, ultimately driving demand growth, and changing the digital marketing game can be a powerful promotional tool.

According to Facebook, this new feature will be available to all soon.

Source: CNN

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