Speed As A Ranking Factor – Google Talks Hypothetically – May 2021 Update

Speed As A Ranking Factor - Google Talks Hypothetically - May 2021 Update

Google’s John Mueller, Gary Illyes, and Martin Splitt launched the latest podcast “Search From Outside the Registry.”

They pretended to create a search engine called Steve and discussed how to create it.

One of the topics they spent a lot of time discussing was the speed of the page (that is, the next update of the page experience) and its weight.

In short, Gary Illyes stated that his search engine is called Steve, and it works very similar to the HTTPS algorithm that he published on Google.

This will be a tiebreaker. Interestingly, he said that this was not a proposal to break the tie.

At first, it was heavier, but after three or four tests, each time they reduced the weight of the signal again, it was because the seeker did. not find the one that is on HTTPS.

Pages are more relevant than non-HTTPS pages. Therefore, the team has been reducing the weight of HTTPS as a ranking factor, finally showing that it became the deciding game.

Gary, like John and Martin, seem to agree that if speed is also the deciding factor, speed will be the best ranking factor.

Now Gary says that in the 7th minute, playoffs often happen.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for the tiebreaker to work. That was the first time I heard him say this.

So a few big take aways from this podcast:

(1) Again, the page experience update won’t be drastic and might be more like a tie breaker signal than something really big.

(2) Tie breaker signals, like HTTPS, happen more often than you think.

(3) No machine learning was mentioned in this podcast, so maybe many ranking factors have fixed weights and are not adjusted using machine learning?

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