Canonical or Noindex Tags – Which One Should You Use?

Canonical or Noindex Tags

On the Google SEO Talk Show, John Muller was asked if rel canonical  or noindex tags would be the best way to counter duplicate content on e-commerce sites. John Muller discussed both options and then suggested a third way to address the issue. Also read: bolded text can help your seo What is Rel Canonical … Read more

Do title tags affect SEO? John Muller Explains

Do title tags affect SEO - John Muller Explains

Google’s John Mueller answers questions about “Do title tags affect SEO and search rankings” on YouTube Hangouts. He explained if rewriting title tags affects rankings, and how adding a company name at the beginning, end, or end can affect rankings. Mueller also explains the title tag as a tiny search ranking factor. Also read: google … Read more

Does Google uses Trust Metrics for Ranking Websites?

Google’s John Mueller answered a question at Google’s Office Hours Hangout on “how to build trust in Google?“. Trustworthiness is a hot topic, along with expertise and authority. Mueller addresses the issue of trust factors in his answer. Also read: definition of quality content   What is Trustworthiness for website? Google’s Quality Assurance Guidelines have important … Read more

Google’s Definition of Quality Content is Totally Different – You will be shocked!

Google Definition of High Quality Content Explain by John Muller

At Google SEO Business Hours Hangouts, Google’s John Mueller provided a broader definition of what content quality really means. The definition broadens the meaning of having high quality content and can help publishers struggling with content quality. In general, when the SEO industry focuses on content quality, it often focuses on improving things related to … Read more

How Small Business SEO Changing? Google’s John Muller Explains

How Small Business SEO Changing? Google's John Muller Explains

Google’s John Mueller suggests that the way owners do small businesses SEO is changing in ways that industry experts aren’t keeping up. Muller says that much of the content on the web aimed at helping small businesses is based on “old-fashioned” practices. It also describes how experts can change their message and adapt to the … Read more

Is URL Case Sensitive? Google’s John Mueller Explains

Is URL Case Sensitive

Google’s John Mueller explains that URLs are in uppercase or lowercase. Just as URLs with backslashes and URLs without backslashes are different, case variations can vary from URL to URL. This topic is covered in the latest Ask Googlebot episode on the Google Search Central YouTube channel. A question will be sent asking if the … Read more

How to Check Core Web Vitals Affects Your SEO Rankings? John Muller Explains

How to Check Core Web Vitals Affects Your SEO Rankings

John Mueller of Google answered a question about how to see if a Page Experience update affected your SEO rankings. Mueller explained if the core web vital ranking factors affect website rankings and what to look for to know when and when. 20% of Rankings Lost for a Site One person shared that his site … Read more

What Can Trigger A Sitewide Quality Re-evaluation – John Muller Explains

What Can Trigger A Sitewide Quality Re-evaluation - John Muller Explains

Google’s John Mueller answered questions about how to get Google to re-evaluate site-wide quality. Google’s Mueller talked about how Google’s entire website re-evaluation process works. Also read:  Real Estate Social Media Marketing Site Quality Re-evaluation is Needed How to Tell Google The person who asked the question gave an example of when a site-wide quality … Read more

Customer Reviews Not A SEO Ranking Factor – Google John Muller Explains

Customer Reviews Not A SEO Ranking Factor - Google John Muller Explains

Google’s John Mueller claims that when it comes to online search results, customer feedback is still not taken into account. This topic was discussed during the Google Search Center SEO Hangout recorded on August 6, 2021. Mueller responded that customer reviews are not a factor in web searches, but in terms of gaining visibility, they … Read more