The Perfect Time For An SEO Side Hustle – Google’s John Mueller

The Perfect Time For An SEO Side Hustle - Google’s John Mueller

In a reply to an SEO on Reddit, Mueller said: “now’s the perfect time to level up and get paid well for it.

Google’s John Mueller said that the release of Page Experience updates provides opportunities for SEOs to improve their skills accordingly and start new side hustle.

Mueller refers to improving one’s skill level to meet the needs of the SEO talent created by the Page Experience update.

Among other factors, website owners around the world will soon find that they need to optimize their websites to meet the Core Web Vitals threshold. Google’s evaluation of a good experience with the page.

Those with the technical expertise to help site owners provide the best page experience are in a good position and can benefit from it.


I started optimizing our company’s WordPress website in August last year and we saw a nice increase in organic traffic the very next month (we’d had a downtrend for the previous 6 months).

However, the most dramatic increase happened this year – we’ve doubled the monthly organic sessions from January to March, thanks in large part to speed optimizations: for example, a 5 years old article rose in ranks for a high volume keyword from page 4 to position 3 and is now sitting behind a 99 DA website and a 98 DA website. Our website has a DA of 27.

John Mueller replied

Regarding side-hustle: speed improvements with an SEO-mindseet can be super-hard if you’ve never done it before. A good consultant who helps a site get into the green can be worth a lot of money. If you like this kind of work, if you like working on a low level on websites, and have practice with various setups / CDNs / plugins / frameworks, now’s the perfect time to level up and get paid well for it.

Mueller noted that there is a clear difference between optimizing the page experience and implementing other SEO improvements.

By optimizing the page experience, tools can be used to check if the work is done correctly and the results of other SEO improvements are largely uncertain.

It’s not easy, and people can easily check if you did it right — it’s not like “hand-waving SEO improvements” where you can claim it takes time & all outcomes are uncertain, but the same simple checks make it easier to have a clear objective for delivery. Also, speed is not a one-time Google initiative – as long as users go to websites, they’ll care about a good & fast experience.

With this in mind, search engine optimizers are even more motivated to prepare their website for page experience updates.

If SEOs can put your Core Web Vitals indicators green, you can show other website owners that they can do the same. As a result, SEOs will be more hired than other professionals who have no obvious experience in this particular field.


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