Twitter Shop Module Testing Begins – Launching Soon!

According to professionals, Twitter announced the launch of a shop module as part of its broader approach to improving the shopping experience on the platform.

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Last week (July 22) we reported that Twitter is testing downvotes votes on tweets.

A few days later, on July 28, Twitter announced a new test currently underway.

Interestingly, the first announcement was made on his Twitter, and this time, it was made on his news blog.

Relaunches Twitter Shopping

Twitter started trying to shop on its platform in 2015; however, the social platform took a step back and “focused on other areas.”

On March 3, the Investor Relations Twitter account posted a post, which revealed their plan to resume purchases on the platform.

In the post, they admitted to realizing that they did not do “excellent work” for the millions of companies that use Twitter.

Then immediately explained that they are forming a team focused on creating a simple way for small businesses to set up accounts and invest in advertising and promotional activities.

The thread also explained their plan step-by-step:

  1. Working on further improving DR products, including app installations.
  2. Focusing on enticing Twitter users to click through to a brand’s website.
  3. Assisting Twitter users to purchase through the platform.

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Twitter Shop Module

The shop module is an extension of the professional profile, in which anyone who uses Twitter for work purposes can display information on their profile page.

When the announcement was made in April, the Twitter business account stated that professional materials were being rolled out to “a small number of companies in the United States.”

The store module will have a similar implementation because people who meet the following conditions will be able to see the function:

  • Users in the U.S.
  • Users who use Twitter in English
  • Users who use Twitter on iOS devices.

The shop module is located at the top of the business profile, and users will be able to scroll through the displayed products through the carousel, click on the product to get more information about it, and make purchases without leaving the Twitter app.

Source:  Twitter Shopping: Testing the Shop Module

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