Twitter Trending Topics Adding More Context

Twitter, in partnership with The Associated Press (AP) and Reuters, is improving the way it keeps users informed about current events.

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Working with the Associated Press and Reuters will enable Twitter to expand the scale and speed of providing background information on popular topics.

Currently, Twitter explains the main trends to a limited extent.

This is achieved by attaching additional information to the trend, such as a Twitter moment, a single tweet, or a written description.

Twitter aims to bolster the delivery of this information in a few key ways:

  • Scale: Users can expect to see more contextual descriptions about Twitter trends going forward.
  • Speed: Information about popular topics of conversation will be provided in real-time as they emerge.
  • Accuracy: This collaboration will make it possible for Twitter to deliver accurate information when facts are in dispute.
  • Trustworthiness: Links to reports from trusted sources will be provided more frequently.

In addition, Twitter will try to provide information about the topic before it spreads.

When the topic may produce misleading information, Twitter will try to spread the word before the misinformation spreads.

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Twitter first released explanations of popular topics in September 2020. Although useful sometimes, it is not displayed for all trends, and of course it is not displayed in real time.

The Associated Press and Reuters are working together to solve the speed and scale issues.

Another thing Twitter needs help is fact checking.

Validating viral web content requires a lot of work, and Twitter does not have the resources to do this internally.

Even Facebook outsources its fact checking. Currently, the Twitter curatorial team is responsible for adding explanations to hot topics and does not have the expertise of investigative journalists.

This is where the Associated Press and Reuters come in.

Now, Twitter has the resources at hand to figure out the facts before misinformation spreads too far.

In the initial phase of the plan, the Associated Press and Reuters will focus on English content.

Twitter stated that these efforts will grow over time to support all languages ​​and time zones around the world.


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