Twitter Untag Launched For User – June 2021 Update

Twitter is developing a new feature that allows users to delete tweets that mention other people.

Privacy designer Dominic Camozzi on Twitter shared a screenshot of how the feature received feedback before it went live.

The idea is to allow Twitter users to control unnecessary attention by unmarking the option of conversations they don’t want to participate in.

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How To Unmention Yourself On Twitter

Twitter users will soon have a quick and easy way to unmark tweets that they don’t want to associate from their account.

In the original Twitter layout, users can click on the three-dot menu icon at the top of the tweet that mentions them, and then select “Extract yourself from this conversation.”

The link to the user’s Twitter profile will be removed from the tweet and will no longer disturb them.

Manage Mentions From People You Don’t Follow

When users are mentioned in a tweet by an account they don’t follow, they will receive a special notification.

The user can then choose to delete the mention by clicking “Unmention” on the notification tab.

After selecting this option, the person who posted the tweet will not receive a notification about unmarking.

If a user chooses to remove the mention of a tweet from someone they don’t follow, the author will not be able to mention the user again in the future.

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Proactively Prohibit Mentions

Users will be able to actively control their mentions by restricting certain accounts from the new settings screen.

There is also an option to only allow mentions of people the user follows.

To give you peace of mind, users can even pause all mentions of everyone for a period of time.

If you choose to pause all mentioned options, users can choose a one-day, three-day, or seven-day interval.

Control Mass Mentions

Finally, Twitter hopes to establish security measures for situations where users receive a large number of mentions at once.

When Twitter receives a large number of mentions, it will first alert users.

This alone is useful for people who turn off push notifications for mentions.

The alert will indicate the number of tweets mentioned and the number of users mentioned.

From there, they can view the tweets and choose to take action if necessary.

This may be the most useful time to suspend all the mentioned features.

SourceDominic Camozzi

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