Value of Outreach Link Building in 2021 – John Muller Explains

John Mueller from Google answered a question about natural links and mentioned that as long as certain boundaries are not crossed, outreach link building is fine.

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Quality Content Proportional To Backlinks

The person who asked the question just received the answer to their question about link exchange. So now I am commenting on the nature of natural connection, what it is. He built it in the context of high-quality content.

Mueller Explains

John Mueller did not use the terms link building or expansion.

However, the point he was talking about was the process of contacting the editor to inform them of the content.

This is often referred to as outreach link building.

The strategy is to create content that publishers are interested in linking to, and then promote it to publishers who tend to link to that type of content.

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When Outreach Link Building Violates Google’s Guidelines?

Outreach link building may also violate Google guidelines.

There are many ways to establish outreach links.

For example, asking publishers to pay for you to place links on your website is also called outreach link building.

This type of link building is often mistaken for reach link building by customers, when in fact it is a paid link organized through coverage.

The real outreach link building is to post interesting content and tell others.

Is Outreach Link Building Outdated?

Regardless of the quality of its content, getting a publisher to link to a website is difficult for some sites, and almost impossible.

What makes this process even more difficult is that people today have more choices to express themselves compared to the heyday of blogging.

Unfortunately, the platforms on which people speak, such as social media and YouTube, do not provide links that can help websites rank higher.

The world that created PageRank no longer exists. However, publishers are still under pressure to obtain links from an online ecosystem where links are increasingly non-existent.

The idea of ​​creating great content and asking someone to link to it is obviously an outdated concept, because today people express themselves in a context where links are not supported.

Source: English Google SEO office-hours from July 9, 2021

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