What Can Trigger A Sitewide Quality Re-evaluation – John Muller Explains

Google’s John Mueller answered questions about how to get Google to re-evaluate site-wide quality.

Google’s Mueller talked about how Google’s entire website re-evaluation process works.

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Site Quality Re-evaluation is Needed How to Tell Google

The person who asked the question gave an example of when a site-wide quality reassessment was required, and asked how the publisher would notify Google of major changes that require such an assessment.

Therefore, instead of passively waiting for Google to crawl the site and discover major changes during the regular crawling and indexing process, the person asking the question wants to know how they can report major changes and re-evaluate the mobile site.

No Technical Way to Trigger a Re-evaluation

Mueller first stated that there is nothing on the webmaster’s side that can trigger a re-evaluation of the entire site, and that it is usually not necessary because site changes will be updated in the index.

Should Google Search Console Offer a Re-evaluation Tool?

Sometimes, publishers make major changes to the site, and if the entire site changes suddenly, if there is a way to trigger a major re-evaluation, this may help Google, site visitors, and publishers.

A typical situation may be a major change in the site’s domain, CMS, site structure, or content quality.

It may not necessarily be some sort of command tool, but instead raises a hand to signal to Google that something important has happened.

Google may argue that this is unnecessary, but if there is an option to deliver comments, it may make some publishers more comfortable.

Source: English Google SEO office-hours from August 6, 2021 

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