What is Deep Linking in SEO?

Deep linking in SEO may seem like a really foreign or even very new term, but it’s actually one of the best kept secrets for digital marketers.

This crazy secret SEO strategy is something you’ll wonder how you ever went without it for so long once you realize what is deep linking in SEO and how you’ll benefit from it.

It’s super easy to set up and you’ll come back to it time and time again increasing your conversion and retention rates by truly amazing numbers.

Deep Linking in SEO

Deep linking is a very simple concept and doing it correctly can really help to improve the way in which your website ranks in search engines for keywords that are important for your business.

Deep linking basically involves what’s known as anchor text.

Anchor text is simply a text on a webpage that is clickable, but the only difference is when you’re deep linking the clickable text is actually a keyword or a key phrase that is really relevant to whatever it is you’re trying to rank for.

So, let’s say for example, you have a website that sells computer games and a page on that website you’ve optimized for the keyword “SEO for local business.”

Let’s also say, that you wrote that article 1 computer games for children about two weeks ago and today you’re writing a new article on “SEO for small business.”

When you’re right in today’s article about “SEO for small business” there might be somewhere within that text that you reference the article that you wrote two weeks ago on “SEO for local business“, but instead of just linking to that article you’re going to want to do a deep link back to the article that you wrote two weeks ago.

So, an example sentence might be something like “SEO for small business is equally important as SEO for local business”, so in the sentence where you have “SEO for small business” you’ll want to highlight that, create an anchor text, and link to the article that you wrote two weeks ago about “SEO for local business.”

Now, when Google sees this page and they send their BOTS to actually index your site, they will notice that you have written an article on “SEO for local business”, but you’ve also anchor text and linked back to your article on “SEO for small business” and not only have you linked to it, but you’ve used a relevant keyword to link back to it, and this is called deep linking in SEO.

Benefits of Deep Linking

Deep linking is really good for your search engine optimization because it has following benefits:

1. Improves User Experience

It increases user experience and if somebody actually wants to quickly find out about that article that you wrote weeks ago they can easily just click on the anchor text and it takes them to that page.

2. Improves Website Authority

It helps to increase your overall website Authority because it increases the relevancy of that webpage and your website as a whole because your website is a lot more organized.

3. Rank for more Keywords

It helps your website to rank for even more keywords,  it’s impossible to create an homepage that ranks for every keyword that’s relevant for your company, but when you create subpages and blog articles it’s a new opportunity for you to rank for potential keywords that could bring in more traffic and business in a to your website.

And whenever you deep link within those pages, it links all of your webpages together and it helps to create an overall Authority that helps your website to rank better in the future.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, after reading this article you have a better understanding on what is deep link in SEO and how it can help improve the search engine optimization of your webpage naturally.

If you have any questions, then please do leave comment below.

*Resources: https://youtu.be/FcL_GVps38s 

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