Why Google Deindexes Websites? Google John Muller Explains – May 2021 Update

Why Google Deindexes Websites? Google John Muller Explains - May 2021 Update

Google’s Mueller responded to someone’s request, and that person’s website got de-indexed and lost its ranking.

John Mueller (John Mueller) provided a number of glitches that can cause Google to remove sites from search results.

The advantage of this question and answer is that Mueller discussed two types of index removal, one is slow index removal and the other is fast index removal.

SEO office hours hangouts are not a place where a diagnosis of a particular website is required.

Therefore, it is reasonable that Mueller does not provide direct answers to its website for the person asking the question.

Yoast Plugin Upgradation is the Cause?

The person who asked the question noted that in the past few days, the keyword had returned to search results for a few hours and then disappeared.

They said they checked Robots.txt, checked the sitemap, and confirmed that there were no manual penalties.

He didn’t mention that one thing to check is if the page contains the Robots Noindex meta tag.

John Muller Clarification

Google’s Mueller began his response by speculating that the deindexing not related to the upgrade of the Yoast plugin from the free version to the premium version.

I think it is reasonable to start with the Yoast plugin and check the settings.

I once installed the Yoast SEO plugin, and then found out that the page had the meta description “noindex, continue” somehow.

I don’t know what caused this situation, I just realized that it happened.

In my experience, it’s best not to verify anything before using it as a motif.

Therefore, I must disagree with the reason for canceling the Yoast SEO plugin update without verifying it before excluding it.

Why Google Deindexes Websites?

Mueller then provided information on the deindexing process, including long-term deindexing schemes. In this case, some parts of the website are slowly de-indexed because Google doesn’t considers it irrelevant.

Slow Partial Deindexing

Next, Mueller discussed slowly removing the index from part of the site rather than the entire site.

What person describe next is the partial removal of the index.

The person asking this question is not slowly or partially deindexing. His problem is that the entire site is indexed.

Full Site Deindexing

Mueller outlined the possible reasons the site may be completely de-indexed.

Mueller continues to suggest going to the webmaster help forum for help diagnosing specific problems.

This situation is not suitable for Hangouts during Google SEO business hours, but it is suitable for inquiries in Google forums.

Mueller suggests it could be a technical issue, a site quality issue, a spam issue, possibly a hacking event.

Source: English Google SEO office-hours from May 7, 2021

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