Why Google May Choose To Remove FAQ Rich Results – John Muller Explains

In the Google SEO Office-hours Hangout, John Mueller explained why the site would lose all of the rich media search result fragments in the FAQ.

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Rich Results

Google search results are traditionally ten blue links. The user did a search, and Google showed ten links to ten web pages.

Google now displays so-called rich media search results.

The search result is more than just a link.

These types of search results contain information that directly responds to the search query.

This is convenient for users because they can find answers quickly without clicking.

But if the user is doing in-depth research, then they can choose to click on the web page to find a more detailed query answer.

FAQ Rich Results

Google may display links to frequently asked questions (FAQ) contained on the page.

Rich answers to frequently asked questions can help web pages occupy two to three spaces in search results.

This is what makes this rich result desirable.

To display these types of rich media search results on Google, web pages must have properly encoded structured data to display these types of rich media search results.

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Why Google Going To Remove Rich Results?

The person who asked the question has removed all rich FAQ results from Google search results.

This behavior feels like punishment, and the person asking the question wants to know why Google didn’t remind them of the problem before removing the rich media search results from the FAQ.

John Muller Explain

The rich FAQ results can remove one or two competitors from the search results.

This means that website visitors have less competition in search results.

When the rich results of frequently asked questions appeared, the online community reacted like Google was giving away money for free, because it was a way to increase search presence.

The number of rich FAQs that Google displays in search results fluctuates.

John Mueller fully answered why Google deleted rich media search results based on user needs (relevance) and website quality issues.

Source: English Google SEO office-hours from July 23, 2021

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