Why Google Ranks Plagiarism Content Over Original – John Mueller Explains

John Mueller explained why Google can rank plagiarized content above original content in Google SEO office hours hangouts.

He explained that this happens when the publisher quality of the original content is generally poor.

John Mueller’s answer is in the context of a question, namely why article thieves outperform publishers of original content.

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Another Site Outranking With Plagiarized Content

The person asking the question is worried that another website that uses content copied from their website will bid more.

He asked John Mueller if Google could tell which website was the original content publisher and which website posted the copy.

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DMCA is a Legal Action

Mueller first discussed filing a DMCA complaint. This is a legal procedure applicable to publishers in the United States.

The person followed up this question by asking Google whether it could distinguish between original content and plagiarized content.

John Mueller first stated that Google can determine which website is the original publisher of the content.

Then he explained why in some cases Google would classify plagiarism as the publisher of the original content.

Source: English Google SEO office-hours from June 18, 2021

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