Why Page Experience Report Has No Data – Google Explains

Why Page Experience Report Has No Data - Google Explains

Google’s Martin Splitt explained to website owners why their page experience report in Search Console may not have enough data.

Someone asked a question about the lack of page experience data in Search Console during Splitt’s live performance in the “Search Engine Journal Today” show.

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Loren Baker, the founder of SEJ, told Splitt that SEOs and website owners are worried that they won’t see data in Search Console, even though his website is well tested for Core Web Vitals and other page experience factors.

Split said that this can be attributed to the fact that these sites did not generate enough field data for Google to confidently provide reports that represent what users are experiencing.

To be clear, lack of data does not indicate any error. Other tools can generate reports because they use laboratory data instead of field data.

Splitt added that even websites that receive a lot of traffic may not generate the telemetry data that Google needs to report.

All website owners can do is to wait patiently for Google to collect the field data needed to create the report.

There is no reason to panic. If you, as the website owner or SEO, have fixed all the problems and the test tool shows that your website is green, then you have done your best so far.

Source: Google’s Page Experience Update & Core Web Vitals with Martin Splitt 

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