Will Google show Review Snippets for Testimonials? John Muller Explains

Google does not display search results for enhanced user reviews that have been rewritten from other sources, even though they have well-structured data markup.

For a website that displays review snippets in search results, the rating should be sent directly to the website.

Getting customer reviews for your business from other websites and posting them on your site will make this site unsuitable for advanced rich results.

Google defines ratings from other sources as “testimonials” and not “reviews”.

This topic was discussed during a working discussion on SEO of the Google Search Center, recorded on November 19th.

Photography business owner Adrian Lyons shared with John Muller from Google why he could not get the review snippets that would appear in the search results, even though the Schema markup was valid.

Mueller describes the difference between a valid reviews and an incompatible reviews for rich results.

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Review Snippets Explain by John Muller

Lyons tells Muller that he has a page on his website dedicated to posting his reviews from the Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business).

Mueller says nothing is wrong, but Google will only show better results for the website straightforward.

Mueller says that if a review is submitted through Google Search or Google Maps, it is still considered a testimonial.

“We probably wouldn’t show that as reviews in the search results because it’s more like a testimonial. Reviews would essentially need to be something which is based on a specific product on that page and the reviews need to be things that users leave directly on that page.

So if you’re kind of like archiving reviews from other sources and you’re posting them then we wouldn’t pick those up as reviews for the structured data side. You can keep them on the page we just wouldn’t use the review markup for that.”

When you hear you can ask you to ask Google Feedback directly and do not know the difference between the third parties.

Mueller says Google Automatic is designed to determine if it does not provide a special one.

However, Google isn’t always right, and even if you don’t accept direct reviews, you can still stumble upon websites with SERP reviews.

It is no exception, not a rule, and it works for another site that it will work for you.

“If people are leaving the review somewhere else, and you’re making a copy of that then, the original place would be the place where the structured data would need to be implemented.

I think it’s kind of tricky because we try to recognize this situation automatically, and sometimes we don’t recognize it properly and just show it anyway. So perhaps when you’re searching around you see other sites that are shown where it’s just, well, it was like we didn’t recognize that this was actually not left directly on the site.

But from a policy point of view, we try not to show reviews that are left somewhere else that are copied over to a website. You can still keep them on your pages, it’s just we won’t show them with the special treatment in the search results.”

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What Should A Business Do?

If getting reviews from your SERP is important to your business, you need to provide a way for customers to submit them directly.

This should be done for personal products or services on the website.

Review snippets are not available for reviews that measure overall activity.

The best way to do this is to add a review submission link to every product or service page on your site.

Think about Amazon, for example, and how to invite them to leave a review on every product page.

By applying the same strategy to your site and implementing usable plans, you can use reviews on your product and / or service pages.

Source: English Google SEO office-hours from November 19, 2021

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