WordPress Blocking Google FLoC?

WordPress Blocking Google FLoC

WordPress discussed a proposal to block a new Google user tracking scheme called FLoC. Most expressed support, while others expressed legitimate concerns. The decision to block FLoC has not yet been made. The discussion continues on the official WordPress Slack channel.

What is Google FLoC?

FLoC is an anonymous method that can assign interests to people based on their browsing patterns. These navigation modes are used to classify users into user interest groups.

Being able to track your interest in the use of third-party cookies helps Google a lot. Interest-based advertising is designed to increase user conversions. Thus, this type of ad is more valuable for advertisers and Google as they can sell at a higher price.

But third-party cookies disappeared because many browsers automatically blocked them. Google responded to the slow death of third-party cookie tracking by introducing a new user tracking method, called Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC).)

 WordPress to Block FLoC Discussions

As mentioned above, no confirm decision has been made to discard FLoC. Official WordPress developers are brainstorming proposals to block FLoC. Therefore, this is not yet complete. Some in the developer community questioned the suggestion to add FLoC blocking to the older and older versions of WordPress that publishers are still using, arguing that it could undermine trust.

Another person agreed to treat FLoC as a security update, but they were concerned that the output would be noticed and gave a clear explanation of how WordPress works. This is important because some users may want to log out. Opt-out will affect your advertising revenue through the Google AdSense program.

Source: Proposal: Treat FLoC as a security concern

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