WordPress Jetpack Boost Plugin Offers Core Web Vitals Optimization

Wordpress Jetpack Boost Plugin Offers Core Web Vitals Optimization

WordPress Jetpack Boost plugin offers automatic Core Web Vitals optimization for the DIY users.

What is Jetpack Boost?

Jetpack Boost is a WordPress plugin that optimizes Web Core Vitals with one click. The plugin currently serves three functions and we will do more in the future.

How Jetpack Boost Optimize Core Web Vitals?

  • Optimize CSS Loading
  • Lazy Image Loading
  • Defer Non-Essential JavaScript

1.Optimize CSS Loading

To put together a web page, the browser needs to create it, and this process is called “rendering.”

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is the code used to tell the browser the font color, the position of the elements on the page, and everything else. It is related to the appearance of the web page.

But CSS is a render blocking resource. Render blocking resources are a way to prevent browsers from creating web pages, because browsers need to download resources (such as cascading style sheets).

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the most important code pages that tell the browser how to build. Therefore, the browser may stop downloading web pages to download CSS. Some codes are more important than others, and for web visitors, the page can be useful.

That’s called Critical CSS.

One trick to speed up the download speed of web pages is to place the CSS part related to the appearance of the web page at the top of the web page itself. Therefore, instead of downloading the CSS code in a separate file, it is better to download the CSS code in a separate file.

Download the most important parts first so you can create web pages faster. Publishers can edit their CSS files and place them in the corresponding files in WordPress, or they can use Jetpack Boost to do it automatically. Do this manually, not everyone can contact someone to do it for them.

2.Lazy Loading Images

Images can be some of the largest web parts to download.

Having to download images can take a long time for the web page to render, but it is not necessary to download all the images from the web page right away.

Lazy loading is a method of delaying the download of images.

This means that the image is not downloaded until the visitor navigates to the location of the image.

3. Defer Non-Essential JavaScript

JavaScript is a small machine-like code that can make things happen on a web page.

For example, JavaScript is often the reason for creating a drop-down menu in the main navigation drop-down menu.

The JavaScript download process prevents the browser from creating web pages.

This makes JavaScript a “render blocking resource”.

One way to help a web page download faster and create a “feel” for the web page that is ready to interact with is to download the non-critical JavaScript code at the end.

Who can use it?

Jetpack Boost is not suitable for everyone. It’s for companies that do not have access to developers who can make difficult coding changes to improve Core Web Vitals scores. So if you can think you have some knowledge about coding then you can try (but make sure you have backup handy, if anything goes wrong it will break your website)

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