WordPress Version 5.8 Released – 300 New Features & Fixes

WordPress 5.8 is now available and available to all publishers.

The new version is named after the innovative jazz musician Art Tatum.

For this new version of WordPress, this is an appropriate name because it contains brand-new features that allow publishers to innovate and express themselves creatively easily.

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Blocks is a modern and updated way to edit the appearance of WordPress.

Editing with blocks has become a part of the entire WordPress system.

Widget Area Blocks

The block form used to edit the site is now available in the widget area. Now you can use Blocks to fully edit the widget part

Query Loop Block

This new feature enables publishers to display posts based on custom criteria.

For example, the display posts section can be limited to display posts from selected categories.

WordPress compares it with the latest posts, but it is more powerful.

Edit Templates from the Post Screen

This new feature allows the editor to switch from the post edit screen to the block-based page edit screen.

This gives the publisher more freedom to edit the template from the context of post-editing.

In this case, the editor may think that if the template is edited to be different, the post will be better.

List View

List view is a new way to view the structure of web pages.

The editor can now switch between normal view and list view to get an overview of all the blocks on the page being processed.

Pattern Transformations Tool

This is a function that suggests block mode. This function is currently available in the query block and the social icon block.

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Duotone Filters

This is a new design feature that allows the editor to color images or videos.

This is a way to add more creative style to the page.

WordPress describes it as a black and white filter, where black and white can be replaced with shadows and highlights of any color.

Support for WebP

WebP is a new-generation image format that can display images at a lower image size.

WordPress’ support for the WebP format allows publishers to create websites with faster download speeds.

This is a victory for publishers and website visitors.

Support for Internet Explorer 11 Dropped

This version cancels support for Internet 11. IE 11 has security risks.

WordPress is now a more agile and faster content management system because it reduces the amount of core code.

The latest version of WordPress makes it easy for publishers to express themselves creatively.

Some people may decide to wait a few days before updating, just in case.

But WordPress thoroughly tests each version, so it may be safe to update now.

The release method includes continuous testing of the upgraded version from the beginning of the release until the developer thinks it is ready.


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