YouTube Data Saver Feature Rolled Out – April 2021 Update

YouTube Data Saver Feature Rolled Out

YouTube is launching a new feature that will make it easier for users to save mobile data.

This feature will be applicable to both Android and iOS users.

Until now, YouTube allows users to switch between different streaming resolutions based on their preferences.

To save data, it provides an automatic mode that can automatically adjust the video quality based on network availability.

Now the latest features allow you to better control the quality of video streaming over the mobile network.

How to enable Youtube data saver

Before I insist, it is worth noting that this feature is still being implemented.

If you don’t receive it, it will be available in the next few days.

If necessary, follow these steps:

  1. Open the YouTube application on your phone.
  2. Go to the application settings.
  3. Here, you will see a new section called “Video Quality Preferences”.

As the name suggests, the first option will mean higher mobile data consumption.

The data saver will mean lower picture quality.

According to The Verge, a “higher picture quality” will be broadcast with a maximum resolution of 720p.

On the other hand, the maximum resolution of the data protection program is 480p.

If you don’t want to customize the transmission resolution, you can always choose “Auto” mode.

Note that you can also customize the streaming resolution of a specific video.

The setting changes only apply to the current video you are watching.

Source: Youtube Updates

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