YouTube Launched New Tools For Small Business Owners – Small Biz Day 2021

YouTube has introduced new tools and resources for small business owners, including a step-by-step guide to developing a channel and a simplified ad creation process.

The launch of these tools coincides with Google’s International Small Business Week(Small Biz Day 2021), which includes a series of initiatives aimed at small business owners.

YouTube reports that 79% of small businesses that own a YouTube channel agree to publish videos to help customers find them.

In addition, it is estimated that by 2022, 82% of global digital consumer traffic will be video. Currently, more than 2 billion YouTube users watch a total of 1 billion hours of video every day.

Business owners can connect with these audiences and show them what makes their brand unique by creating a YouTube channel.

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According to YouTube survey data:

  • 72% of small businesses feel that getting started on YouTube is easy.
  • 65% of small business YouTube channels say they use YouTube to showcase their products and services.
  • 85% of viewers turn to YouTube for fresh content.

YouTube Playbook

YouTube has published a free step-by-step guide designed to help business owners set up channels, build an online presence, and attract new customers.

Below is a quick summary of the chapters included in the guide and what is covered in each chapter.

Launching a Channel

This chapter covers:

  • The basics of creating a personal channel or a brand account
  • Personalizing a channel with a custom name, description, URL, and contact information
  • Branding a channel by utilizing YouTube’s layout and branding options
  • Uploading a video, writing a title and description, and selecting a thumbnail
  • Adding advanced elements like searchable tags, end screens, and video cards
  • Measuring performance in YouTube Studio

Creating Videos

This chapter covers:

  • Planning a video prior to filming
  • Tips for filming with a phone
  • The ABCDs of effective creative
  • Using Google’s Video Maker to create videos with existing clips

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Live Streaming on YouTube

This chapter covers:

  • Verifying a YouTube channel
  • Adjusting account settings to enable live streaming
  • Streaming from desktop
  • Streaming from a phone

Note: You’ll need at least 1,000 subscribers if you want to live stream from your phone.

Getting Started With YouTube Ads

This chapter covers:

  • Creating a Google Ads account
  • Setting up and launching a campaign
  • Measuring results

The company reports that 89% of small businesses use a combination of paid ads and organic content on YouTube.

New YouTube Ads Creation Tools

YouTube provides a faster and easier way to create video ad campaigns.

Through this new process, companies can simply upload video ads, target the audience they want to reach, and set a budget.

This shortens the creation time of YouTube campaigns to a few minutes, and with the new mobile experience, businesses can more easily measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Visit the new YouTube advertising experience on

Source: Resources & Guides to Get Started on YouTube 

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